Business Partners
Why should you work with us?

We believe that our business partners are “TRUE PARTNERS”. We respect your ability to help us provide a “WIN – WIN” solution to our clients and their clients. We bring in huge value to all our associates.

We have a preferred Business Partner Program. A preferred partner is called “MetPartner”,

Any partner who places a minimum of twenty consultants through us in a calendar year becomes a “MetPartner”. The benefits of the program include:

  1. Access to all our direct requirements
  2. Special cash discounts, if applicable;
  3. Invitation to all Meticular training programs and other activities;
  4. Access to certain benefits like discounted air tickets and hotel reservations, that has been negotiated by Meticular;
  5. Access to background checks, FCRA and health insurance packages subscribed by Meticular, on payment.

Our MetDirectSM Program ensures that we work with direct clients and project managers. This enables us to offer:

  1. Better rates for your consultants
  2. Give you constant feedback on your consultant’s performance
  3. Offer cross boarding opportunities in the same organization
  4. Offer positional stability to your consultants

Our commitment to our associates includes:

  1. Define expectations correctly and meet the expectations consistently
  2. Responsible and mutually beneficial contract terms
  3. Transparency of contract information
  4. Share transaction details including risks
  5. On-time payment of dues, as per commitment

Our Account Managers are in constant touch with the consultants and help resolve all on-site issues with alacrity.

Our “Global Resource Program” gives us an opportunity to place your consultants across geographies. This helps us position all your resources in other countries and ensure continuity of relationship.