Business Model

Meticular’s Business Model stands apart from its peers globally. It redefines our business. It is one of the strongest differentiators. It derives substantial value to all the stakeholders.

The salient features of Meticular’s Business Model are:


Human Capital is the lifeline of our business. To enable our clients have the best talent at the most reasonable rates, we work on “80-20” model. We retain just 20% of whatever our client pays us. 80% is paid to our employees / consultants.

The 80% component includes the employee salary, per diem, taxes, social security and benefits. Meticular 20% component includes all sales, marketing and administration overheads and a small margin.

On an average, our American competitors work on a “72-28” model, while “low cost” competition from other countries, operating in the US marketplace, work on a “58 – 42” model. This is as per their latest, published, financial statements.


How are our stakeholders sure that we are keeping our commitment?

We share our employee cost information to our consultants and our client contracts with our employees.

When we process VISAS and Green Cards, our employees have direct access to our attorneys.

  • We have built very strong core competence in certain domains and technologies. Each one of competency centers is called a ‘MetNetSM’.
  • Each MetNetSM has dedicated Practice Teams, Resource Managers and Account Managers.
  • Our employees get on-line support from their peers and practice managers.
  • MetNetSM enables scalability.
  • The network gives us focus.
  • Our technology and domain competence makes our clients succeed. It reduces their risk working with us.


We usually work with direct clients on their projects, using our own employees. MetDirectSM keeps our cost structure simple and transparent. It helps our employees have long tenure on challenging assignments.

Global Resource Program

Our Global Resource Program helps us identify partners with core competencies and help you build scalability in your offering.