Why should you work with us?

Our twin commitments to our clients are:

  • Reduce your risk of hiring;
  • Not waste your time;

We have designed our processes to enable your success.

On an average, in the last two years, over nine out of our ten submissions lead to an interview (in-person / telephonic) and 64% lead us to a placement. We have not had a single instance of contract being terminated for non-performance of contract.

We provide Dedicated Account Manager” to every client. You have a single point of contact within Meticular. It is the responsibility of the Account Manager to deliver on every one of our commitments.

Our delivery teams provide you an “Integrated capability” of technical competence and business acumen. This sets us apart from most competition, which sends flamboyant sales professionals to manage technology folks.

The techno-commercial capability of our client facing professionals enables us to have a flat organization. It provides you access to top management

more easily, and ensures that any commitments not delivered escalate quickly. The turn around time for resolution of issues is quick.

We routinely conduct client surveys to assess the performance of our on-site consultants and account managers. Our remuneration system is linked to customer delight factor index. We seek your feedback on our performance actively and follow-up on your feedback very seriously.

Our Business Model complements our process. The Business Model commits us to:

  • Low Margin: We work on “80 – 20” model. 80% of what you pay goes directly to our consultants;
  • Transparency: On our consultant’s pay rates. You know our cost structure very clearly;
  • Specialization: MetNet SM encourages us to specialize on a few areas including JAVA / J2EE; Microsoft Technologies; System Administration; Databases; and Testing. We have practice managers and practice teams in each of the above technology areas;
  • Scalability: Our Global Resources Program help you build scalability in your offerings with ease;
  • Accountability: Our delivery process builds accountability in our submissions and helps us deliver what you need.

Working closely with us and helping us understand your needs (both implicit and explicit) is one way you can help us provide you the right resource for your project.