Database Architectures

MetNet consultants can deliver on the solutions on the following platforms: Microsoft Windows Platforms   LINUX Platforms Unix       Platform Database Architecture Comparison Worksheet Venturing into the Great   Unknown – New Database Architectures.

Database Design Reviews

Our Database MetNet has consultants with the capabilities to review existing and proposed database   designs. The Design review capability includes:

  • Initial Overview of Proposed System
  • Logical Data Model Review
  • Designing for Performance
  • Setting up a Successful Test System in Oracle
  • Monitoring Performance During Testing
  • Performance Design Reviews
  • Preparation for Production Turnover
  • Post Production Turnover
  • Oracle Database Design Review Meetings - Conclusion

Oracle Database Administration

This is one of the areas of our core competencies. The extent of our expertise includes:

  • Software Installation
  • Migrating to new database releases
  • UNIX and LINUX Semaphores and Shared Memory
  • Windows Services
  • Instance Administration
  • Persistent Initialization Parameter Files
  • Remote Startup/Shutdown
  • Multiple Buffer Pools
  • Specifying Default, Keep and Recycle Bufferpools in Oracle8 and Oracle8i
  • Specifying Default, Keep and Recycle Bufferpools in Oracle9i
  • Large Pool
  • Java Pool
  • Redo log Buffer Performance

Management of Database Objects

Certified MetNet Consultants have strong competencies in working on the following database objects as a   part of their overall     responsibilities:

  • Choosing a Database Block Size
  • Copying Databases between Servers
  • Tablespaces
  • Temporary Tablespaces
  • Partitioning
  • Range Partitioning
  • Index Partitioning
  • Equi-Partitioned Objects
  • Indexes
  • Hash and Range/Hash Composite Partitioning
  • List and Range/List Composite Partitioning
  • Partitioning Technique
  • Tablespace Changes
  • Locally Managed System Tablespaces
  • Rollback Segments and Transaction Processing Workloads
  • Batch and On-line Processing
  • Redo Logs
  • Oracle Tables and Indexes
  • External Tables
  • Caching Tables
  • Clustering Data in Tables
  • Merging Tables
  • Parameters that Impact Index Usage
  • Index Rebuilds
  • Bitmap Indexes
  • Concurrency and Bitmap Indexes
  • Optimizer and Bitmap Indexes
  • Bitmap vs. B-Tree


Backup and Recovery

Database backup and recovery is another core specialization of Meticular. Our MetNet consultants can help   on the following:

  • Instance Recovery and the Oracle Synchronization Process
  • Uncommitted Data on the Data Files
  • Committed Data Not On the Data Files
  • Synchronization Process
  • Roll Forward Phase
  • Roll Backward Phase
  • Exports and Recovery
  • Watch the NOLOGGING Option
  • Striped File Systems
  • Data Files and Redo Logs
  • Redo Log and Control File Multiplexing
  • OCOPY for NT
  • Hot Backup Scripts for NT
  • Hot Backup Scripts for UNIX
  • Oracle9i – Lazy Checkpointer
  • Recovery Manager
  • Recovery Catalog
  • Recovery Manager Backup Types
  • Parallel Backup and Recovery
  • Multiplexed Backup Sets
  • Backup/Recovery Reports
  • Database Recovery
  • RMAN Examples


Tuning and Performance

Tuning and Performance Management is another area of specialization. We can deliver on the following:

  • Finding Problem Queries
  • Optimizer Plan Stability
  • Pinning Objects in the Shared Pool
  • Caching Tables
  • Clustering Data in Tables
  • Merging Tables to Increase Query Performance
  • Performance Testing
  • Parallel Query
  • Tuning Pack
  • Direct Load Inserts
  • Parallel DML Processing
  • Materialized Views
  • Database Resource Management
  • Segment-Level Performance Statistics Collection
  • Performance Tuning Intelligent Advisories
  • Optimizer Dynamic Sampling
  • Data Segment Compression
  • Explain Plan Output
  • High Water Mark and Table Scans

Ease of Administration

Our MetNet Consultants can equip your existing teams on the following best practices:

  • Good Documentation
  • Follow OFA Naming Conventions
  • Administrative Support for Application Development Process
  • Change Request Process
  • Oracle Migration to Production Request Form
  • Create and Standardize Monitoring and Administration Scripts
  • Repeatable Processes
  • Create Service Level Agreements
  • DBA Report Cards and the 360-Degree Review Process
  • Corrective Action Reports

Database Security

Database Security is not just about protecting data or the production database. It essentially involves   bringing best practices so     you sleep well during the night. Our area of competence includes:

  • Identifying Granted Privileges
  • Accounts Created During Database Creation
  • Wrapping PL/SQL Programs
  • Using OPS$ Accounts
  • Using Security Profiles
  • SYS and SYSTEM Passwords
  • GRANT ANY OBJECT Privilege
  • Administrative User Auditing
  • Moving the AUD$ Table