At Meticular 'usability' is an attribute of the quality of system/ product. Our Usability Concepts are devoted to improving the customer experience through applying usability methods to user interface design which is also sometimes described as user-centered design..

Usability Principles

Some of the human factors principles used at Meticular in developing effective user interfaces include:

  • Minimize the burden on the user’s memory; recognition versus recall.
  • Automate unwanted workload.
  • Reduce uncertainty; display data in a clear and obvious manner.
  • Fuse data; reduce the cognitive
    load by bringing together lower
    level data into a higher level
  • Group data in consistently meaningful ways to decrease
    search time.
  • Help users recognize, diagnose and recover from errors.
  • Include only that information in displays that is needed by the user
    to complete the task.
  • Use terminology that matches
    user goals and intentions
  • Provide adequate feedback (positive and negative).
  • Put the user in control.
Why is Usability important?
  • A highly usable system offers benefits to both users and business.
  • Primary benefits to users are that they are able to achieve their tasks eaisly and efficiently.
  • Systems/ products that are difficult to use can result in substancial cost to the business not just in terms of lost sales, but also in customers satisfaction, staff productivity and support requirements.


Usability Quality Assurance

We at Meticular have cosultants who specialize in providing formal usability testing to identify design shortcomings providing quick turnarounds of detailed results and recommendations to ensure the quality.